About Us


While the engineering league was formed in 2018, it's founders have been working in the youth engineering competition space since 2005.  With experience in various robotics tournaments, and youth sports leagues, the league was formed in response to the need for more competitions and opportunity for youth. 

USEL primarily operates out of California and Illinois.  Expansion plans have begun in 2020 as USEL will begin to host tournaments in Various states throughout the United States.  USEL is focused on finding the best all-around youth engineering competition schools, clubs, and private programs in the country,  In order to achieve this USEL competitions will encourage engineering programs to have team members with the ability to compete simultaneously in various disciplines.  

As the world continues to shift more towards automation and AI, USEL will offer competitions to that lean heavily on current skill sets and trends in the tech industry.  It is our hope that as youth begin to develop and strengthen these skills, more and more colleges and corporations will support our competitors much in the way the support young athletes.

The Team


Herman Kreimann
Ericka Kreimann

Chief Brand Officer


Will Wong

Chief Administration Officer 


Erica Wheaton

Creative Development