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Robotic EngineeriNG

The Robotic Engineering pathway is a competition program that reinforces creativity, critical thinking, math, mechanical engineering, coding, and teamwork skills.  This pathway is available to Schools, private clubs, and individual teams.  Students in this pathway will compete in a series of robotic event competitions starting with virtual robotics competition and finishing the season with in-person physical robotics competitions.  These tournaments will end up taking students all around the globe battling the best robotics programs in the world.  USEL teams have and will continue to represent team USA in engineering events around the world.   The Robotics pathway competes year round starting in September, and ending in August for top teams.


Sept - Nov

Virtual Robotics

Dec - Jan

Sumo Robot



World Robot


  • USEL trains educators prior to the start of the season.

  • no prior experience necessary

  • Students begin working in-school and at home on various coding challenges to hone their skills

  • Individual students will have a 10 day window to complete 20+ missions to earn points as a school

  • Missions become progressively harder as students progress to build their schools/club average

  • Top 30 students will advance to USEL physical robotics phase like robot sumo

  • Top 2 students will represent their schools engineering program at Nationals

  • Top 30 students per school / club from USEL virtual & will begin preparing for Sumo Robot Challenge

  • School educator will be given training and basic coding algorithms to help team prepare

  • Students have 4 weeks to prepare 2 sumo bots as a club and memorize their builds

  • Students meet in-person at a live event and compete in a double elimination sumo robot tournament

  • Top 10 schools/clubs will advance to the World Robot Olympiad - USEL phase.​

  • Alternative remote phase challenge can be substituted if sporting events are not authorized, such as robot line follow racing.

  • Top 10 ​schools / clubs will advance to the this round of competition

  • School educator will be given challenge materials and coaches training

  • Schools / Clubs have 8-10 Weeks to fully build a Lego EV3 robot, memorize its build and code it for competition

  • Students meet in-person at a live event run thier robot on an 8' X 4" table top to complete missions

  • Robots are scored based on number of completed missions in a single run

  • USEL Champion advances to International Competition and represents Team USA, an additional 5 teams advance to WRO - USA Nationals

Advancement Process

US Engineering 


Let's Get Together!

Get your school or club involved in the only competition that competes year round in various engineering challenges to determine which program is the best engineering club in the World.

We know starting a competition club could be nerve racking, which is why were the only organization that provides enough training and curriculum to keep your students engaged and competitive in competitions even with a rookie coach.  

It is our belief that the best engineering clubs will rise to the top and improve on curriculum every year.  Engineers don't keep their knowledge secret,  they work together to improve their skills and knowledge every year.  

Get your school involved in the USEL Robotics Pathway now, and see how easy and rewarding it is to become a USEL competition program.




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