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Race Engineering

USEL Stock Car racing combines two awesome racing platforms for teams to push their engineering and and teamwork skills to the test.  USEL Race Car Series challenges teams to engineer performance in physical RC cars and virtual race cars via the iRacing simulator.   Racing is only one component of this challenge.  Like professional race teams, USEL teams must also have a strong R&D focus,  marketing strategy, and work toward becoming leaders in their communities.  must compete in both virtual and physical race challenges, and a project based presentation based on R&D, Data driven decision making process, and graphic design.   Top teams will have a well rounded club just like the professionals.

US Engineering 


Let's Get Together!

Get your school or club involved in the only competition that competes year round in various engineering challenges to determine which program is the best engineering club in the World.

We know starting a competition club could be nerve racking, which is why were the only organization that provides enough training and curriculum to keep your students engaged and competitive in competitions even with a rookie coach.  

It is our belief that the best engineering clubs will rise to the top and improve on curriculum every year.  Engineers don't keep their knowledge secret,  they work together to improve their skills and knowledge every year.  

Get your school involved in the USEL competition now, and see how easy and rewarding it is to become a USEL competition program.




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