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Increased Revenue

USEL Partnership program helps STEM Business owners expand their business and increase revenue by providing exclusive operating rights, equipment distribution rights, and sales training.  USEL partners can sell programs AND equipment direct to customers and schools.  Gone are the days of building programs around products you can not sell.  

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Why is partnering with USEL better than offering other robotics competition programs?

Other programs require you to purchase robot kits between $400 - $900 and there is no incentive for your customers to buy kits from you.  With USEL you can buy kits for a fraction of the cost and resell them to customers making it possible for all of your teams and students to have their very own robot!

WRO Finals 2019
Gyor, Hungary

How do I become a USEL Partner?

Take action and become a partner by selecting a package below.  Once your order is received you will gain access to curriculum, marketing material, and you can start scheduling new classes immediately!    Don't be surprised if you sell out before your robot kits arrive at your facility!  Access to World Robot Olympiad and USEL is just a click away!


Professional Young Woman

Ericka K., California

Since partnering with USEL,  I have increased revenues by 30% and sold 100 Robot Kits to existing customers in the first month


Will, Illinois

USEL has enabled me to operate WRO-USA events and expand my offerings with USEL SumoBots.  I have other STEM companies coming to me asking how they can join!


Dr. WIlbert, Principal California

USEL programs are awesome and we are excited to be able to give robot kits to our students this year.

Packages and Pricing

Local Partner

 - Offer Local WRO-USA and USEL competitions

-Recieve 10 USEL SumoBot Kits for personal use or resale


- Get company name added to USEL website

- Receive  a sales training kit to help you sell robots and become a Regional or State Partner.

- Purchase additional SumoBot Kits at a discounted rate

- 1 Portable Sumo Ring for Battles



Regional Partner

-All the benefits of the Local Partner package plus..

-Receive 30 additional USEL SumoBot Kits for resale or personal use.

-Get exclusive rights to offer Regional WRO and USEL events in up to 5 zip codes.

- Sell Local Director Packages and Earn Commission

-Larger discount for additional robot kits than local partner package

-2 Portable Sumo Rings for Battles


Partners who meet specific robot sales and


tournament operation requirements can apply to


become a State Partner!  Submit a State Partner


Request Form for consideration!

State Partner