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SumoBot Kit Starter Pack

Get the kit and all the practice gear needed to compete!

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SumoBots League

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SumoBots league is a great way to get your child excited about robotics because of the easy to learn robotics kit.


Parent Testimonials

Is the robot difficult to build?

The kit is very east to build and most kids can have a basic design ready for battle in about an hour.  

Where do I go to compete?

Sumobots leagues are starting up all across the USA and internationally!  Kids and their families have opportunities for national championships in the USA as well as international competitions coming in 2023!  Find a league near you today or if there is no league within 50 miles of your home address then you receive an exemption to compete in nationals without having to qualify via a league.

SumoBots In Action

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What do I need to compete?

The USEL SumoKit is the official robot of SumoBot league and will get your child thinking like a real engineer! With our step-by-step resources, they can enter any competition with just an hour or two of preparation. As they become more experienced and perfect their build throughout testing at competitions, the kit provides months of experimenting that helps kids learn about engineering principles while having fun with robots!

How to qualify for Team USA

In order for a Team to qualify on Team USA they must finish in the Top 10 at USA Nationals.  Teams can earn an invite for nationals by accomplishing one of the following:
- Placing Top 80 in the Nation
- Place Top 3 at a Regional
- Win a school league (district level)
- Apply for a no local league exemption



General Cost for SumoBots League




Weekly Event Fee
*National Championship and International fees vary


USEL SumoBot Kit

*$190 practice ring

Year 1* = $335**

Year 2 and Beyond = $75**

*Price assumes student has no robot kit or practice table and joins 1 event

**Teams advancing to Nationals and International Finals have increased cost

Current Top US Teams


Colin aka Poke


Wins: 84

Losses: 11

Win Percentage: 88%


Branden aka ArmorBot


Wins: 55

Losses: 20

Win Percentage: 73%


Christian aka Crunchy


Wins: 57

Losses: 29

Win Percentage 66%