USEL Virtual Programs enable students to continue learning about robotics despite not being in the classroom.

This program is a flexible self-based learning program for students and for educators to introduce students to the core concepts of code development and robotics. Students will learn mechanics, navigation, sensors, and more while being introduced to programming components like commands, variables, conditional logic, loops, in either blockly or python coding languages. 

Choose from any 4 learning packs and get started today! Click the link below to see which pack is best for your student.  Choose self-paced or learn with a live instructor in 4 week increments!





USEL uses CoderZ virtual robotics, online, and enables all students to learn STEM with robotics. With CoderZ students learn how to code & operate virtual robots accompanied by a step-by-step curriculum and gamified missions completely online. No need for expensive hardware or specialized training.

Thousands of students and teachers are already using CoderZ in the classroom and in online competitions.

CoderZ solves all of the challenges to starting and scaling a robotics program.


  • Cost effective School Wide access for classes, clubs or all students.

  • Easy for teachers to add classes and students seamlessly online

  • Everything is online, no special equipment needed, in class or at home.

  • Can be run in-school or as an after-school program

  • School Wide Unlimited Licences.

CoderZ League

USEL Region


The CoderZ League is an exciting and fun online tournament for students of all levels to participate and learn about STEM, coding, robotics and technology career paths.

CoderZ League enables teachers clubs, schools and districts to engage students with technology and develop STEM awareness while they compete in the exciting game-like competition.

USEL Region has unique prizes and advancement opportunities not available to other CoderZ League teams outside the USEL Region.



  • Promotes diversity, is gender friendly, and inclusive.

  • Develops soft skills like creative problem solving, and team work.

  • Promotes in-demand career skills and tech literacy

  • USEL teams can advance to World Robot Olympiad tournaments


and individuals


The ultimate platform for learning coding. Ideal for both students and teachers. Students have the opportunity to learn online with engaging, gamified solutions, challenges and competitions. Working at their own pace, students can easily program real and virtual robots from anywhere in the world. USEL Virtual Robotics is designed for students with different background levels of robotics: From Blockly, Java, and Python there is something for every skill level.


  • Students can purchase an individual licence for elf guided learning or live weekly instruction.

  • Students can compete in cyber robotics competition from home.

  • Clubs can purchase licences for their students to compete as a private club in preparation for robotics season.



USEL Virtual Racing puts students in the driver seat to learn about what it takes to build a top Motorsports team on and off the track.

This program is the first of its kind and utilizes the iRacing simulator to teach students about the sport of racing and all the engineering that takes place in order to be the best.  Students learn the importance car mechanics, graphic design, race strategy, data analysis, and team communication as it relates to NASCAR.

Students will utilize the same simulator the professionals use to practice when not on a physical track, as featured on FOX and NBC.  

What are you waiting for get your student on a race team today!

Want to start a team at your school?