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Our Affiliate program helps STEM Business owners grow and scale their business without needing a lot of teachers or technical training.


  • Permission to use USEL SumoBots & WRO-USA branding

  • Help market your programs by placing you on our main website under the locations tab. 

  • Become a recognized USEL Certified Official

  • Host Sanctioned USEL events

  • Advance Teams to Regional and World Championships

  • Sell USEL Equipment to customers.



We are purpose driven, and fueled by the passion to make our communities a better place through robotics.  If you want to make an impact on your community, make a positive impact on local youth by providing fun and exciting robotics competitions, become part of a global network of USEL affiliate owners, and build your life around that vision, we recommend you learn more how you can make this a reality.


In addition affiliation comes with our easy to use tournament app, access to the USEL affiliate group, and yearly training to help you run the most efficient and exciting robot events in the world!

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Will W., Illinois

USEL has enabled me to operate WRO-USA events and expand my offerings with USEL SumoBots.  I have other STEM companies coming to me asking how they can join!

Ericka K., California

Since partnering with USEL,  I have increased revenues by 30% and sold 100 Robot Kits to existing customers in the first month

Dr. WIlbert, Principal California

USEL programs are awesome and we are excited to be able to give robot kits to our students this year.

John S., Florida

USEL programs make it easy to scale and grow.  I get lots of repeat kids and families who can't get enough SumoBots!


Becoming an ffiliate is easy!  If your application, name, and location are approved, you will be required to make a payment and agree to the certified official responsibility terms to become part of a growing community of USEL affiliates.



The application is a series of questions to get to know you and why you want to become an affiliate.



Submit your location for approval.


Affiliate Agreement & Fees

Electronically fill out the license agreement and set up monthly or yearly online payments.


Certified Official


Complete your Certified Official Training by attending a webinar.



Congratulations you are now an official USEL affiliate.

The application is a series of essay questions. There are no right or wrong answers, but we want to get to know you and why you want to run an affiliate. Fill out all questions thoroughly and submit online. Once the application has been submitted, it will take about a week to hear back from our onboarding team. From there, you’ll get detailed instructions on next steps. You can see more details about that below.


Proof of insurance (U.S. Affiliates Only)

U.S. affiliates will be required to submit proof of insurance. Insurance can be purchased from a variety of companies.

While we do not require our international affiliates to submit proof of insurance, we strongly recommend they carry insurance.


As of January 1st, 2021, standard affiliation cost is USD $1,000 annually.  See the pricing options page for a complete pricing table.  First Year affiliates must also purchase a new affiliate startup package to assist them in running the minimum number of events.  See new affiliate packages below.


The application process requires you to provide three proposed affiliate names in order of preference. We will approve the first available name on that list. If none of the proposed names are available, our team will work with you to arrive at a suitable choice. Keep in mind that we consider several factors when approving affiliate names including but not limited to: pending applications, names similar to an existing affiliate name, and the general guidelines below.

No continents, countries, provinces, regions, states, counties, large cities, religious references, movie names, celebrity names, personal names, trademarked names, government agencies, or names that are already taken. All proposed names must have the the letters USEL in it.


US Engineering League LLC requires that all USEL affiliates use only their licensed name and no other variation that uses the letters USEL.  Additionally, USEL is always capitalized.

New Affiliate Year 1 Packages

The packages below are only required for 1st year affiliates to ensure they have the proper equipment to fulfill affiliate event obligations.

Standard Affiliate

- USEL program and competition licensing rights

-10 USEL SumoBot kits for personal league use or resale


- Get affiliate name added to USEL website

-Tournament software access

- Discounts on equipment

- 2 Sumo Rings


$2,500 + Tax

Regional Affiliate

-All the benefits of the Local Partner package plus..

-Receive 30 USEL SumoBot Kits for personal league use or resale

-Ability to offer Regional events

- All standard affiliates in a 240 mile radius may only qualify teams for regional events

- Earn commission selling affiliate packages

$5,750 + Tax

International Organizer

- May organize National championships

- Earn commission selling affiliate packages

- Earn commission on ALL robot kit sales within country

- May apply to host international event at no cost

International affiliates who meet and/or commit to certain growth requirements will be considered for assignment as international organizer for their country.  

Affiliate Package
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