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Program Recognition

USEL Partnership program helps increase  community involvement with our Award - Winning Robotics competition programs.  Take your school to the next level by starting a USEL program at your school today.

Why is partnering with USEL better than offering other robotics competition programs?

With USEL schools have the unique ability to have localized school competitions, with options to advance to USA National Championships or International events.  USEL also provides sample builds and curriculum to help you school get started.  With USEL all teams can be successful and proud of their robotics programs.

How do I become a USEL Partner School?

Take action and become a partner by selecting a package below.  Once your order is received you will gain access to curriculum, marketing material, and you can start your program ASAP.   Don't be surprised when your USEL program has a huge waitlist.  Access to World Robot Olympiad and USEL is just a click away!



Professional Young Woman

Ericka K., Director California

Since partnering with USEL,  our after-school programs have a 20+ student waitlist.  It is great to see so much excitement around a Robotics program


William Wong, Director Illinois

USEL has enabled me to operate WRO-USA events and expand our offerings with USEL SumoBots.  


Dr. WIlbert, Principal California

USEL programs are awesome and we are excited to be able to give robot kits to our students this year.

Packages and Pricing

School Package

- Offer school-wide sanctioned Local Level  WRO-USA and USEL competitions

-Receive 20 USEL SumoBot Kits 


- Get School name added to USEL website for recognition

- Receive  access to USEL curriculum.



League Package

-All the benefits of the School package plus..

-Receive 50 total USEL SumoBot Kits for more teams and start a league

-Get access to host Regional WRO and USEL events in up to 5 zip codes.

-Larger discount for additional robot kits than local partner package


- All the benefits of the School and League Packs

- Receive 100 USEL SumoBot Kits

- Eligible to host a district wide national qualifier


District Package

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