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USEL SumoBots League

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USEL SumoBots League is a nationally sanctioned competition held every year starting on March 1st.  The USEL SumoBot Kit is the official robot authorized for USEL SumoBots competitions.

SumoBots is for ages 8-14 and competitions are available throughout the USA and surrounding countries.

WRO USA National Competition

Date: August 28, 2022

Location: Ontario International Airport, Ontario, CA 91762

General Rules

USEL SumoBots is an entry level robotics competition that is easy to get started with.   Below are general rules for competing in USEL SumoBots.

Robotics Team:  Between 1 and 3 students


Age Range:  8 years to 14 years

Robot Allowed:  USEL SumoBot

Max Weight:  3lbs

Parts Allowed:  Only official USEL SumoBot parts from USEL Kits or expansion kits are allowed unless specifically stated in the rules (top of the page) or below. (see outside parts allowed)

Outside Parts Allowed: Battery pack upgrades, RC Car Wheels, Tape, Velcro, weights (any weights are allowed, but can not be used in an offensive or defensive fashion.)

How to Earn invites to National Championship

Be ranked in the Top 80 Nationally

Win an automatic advancement tournament

National Rankings
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